What’s the problem, babuh?

Too many of us are overweight, undernourished, overmedicated, under exercised, overly busy and under slept – all of which cause disease, death, soaring medical expenses and pollution of our environment.

What’s the solution, babuh?

Dr. Elvis says, “Always consult your physician first, but I bet I ain’t wrong, babuh!”

  • Decrease the quantity of what you eat and increase the quality of what you eat:

               1. Eliminate bad fats, meat, dairy, processed food and beverages (anything with processed sugar)
               2. Increase fruit, vegetable, grain, legume and water intake.
               3. Eat healthy portions

  • Exercise regularly – Everybody needs regular exercise of these three types: 

               1. Aerobic
               2. Strength training
               3. Balance & flexibility (dance, tai chi, yoga, pilates, martial arts, etc.). 

  • Get enough sleep – Not getting enough sleep won’t just make you tired and cranky, it can hurt and even kill you.
  • Balance your life - Most people are “busy” but not balanced. These four areas are time tested and mother approved:  

               1. Read more
               2. Maintain an intense interest in the world around you
               3. Maintain positive engagement with other people
               4. Pursue peace, quiet and solitude – Down time is just as beneficial and yes, productive as up time. 

  • Discontinue all unnecessary medications – Medications are hard on our bodies and end up in our watersheds where they harm wildlife, the environment and us. Good diet, exercise, sleep and a well-balanced life can cure and help prevent most sickness and disease and thus eliminate the need for many if not all medications.

Where can I get more info, babuh?

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