What’s the problem, babuh?

Our economy – based on perpetual growth and consumption – is in complete opposition to a healthy human race and environment. It’s a dead end with a bad end. 

What’s the solution, babuh?

  • Buy green products and services – Buy local, buy free-trade, buy used, buy “green” (read up on “green washing” so you don’t get duped).
  • Make socially responsible investments - Socially responsible investing (SRI), also known as sustainable, socially conscious, “green” or ethical investing, is any investment strategy which seeks to consider financial return, social good, and environmental sustainability.
  • Support a steady state economy - A steady state economy is an economy with stable or mildly fluctuating levels in population and consumption of energy and materials that does not exceed ecological limits.
  • Donate money to organizations whose mission is to preserve the earth - Caution! There’s a lot of these out there. Do your homework first. Verify where your money is going.

Where can I learn more, babuh?

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