What’s the problem, babuh?

Our leaders currently pay lip service to environmental sustainability. How can you be a good leader and ignore the most important issue facing humanity? We need our leaders to make environmental sustainability the top priority for every country, state, county, city, company, and organization - from presidents and CEOs on down to neighborhood and church leaders.

What’s the solution, babuh?

  • Vote – Register to vote and vote for political leaders, policies and laws which are pro-environmental sustainability.
  • Require a sustainability position - Ask anyone being nominated/elected/appointed/chosen to lead a group what their position is on sustainability, and what they would do as you leader to implement sustainable initiatives. Hold them to it.
  • Staff and plan it - Make sure that your entity (public, private, or otherwise) has a sustainability coordinator, a green team, and sustainable strategies and policies that are implemented.

Where can I learn more, babuh?

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