Take Care of the Earth, babuh! (TCE)

Do you care about yourself? Do you care about your kids? Do you care about your family, friends, and neighbors? Well, if any of these are true, then you need to TCE (Take Care of the Earth), i.e., practice environmental sustainability. If none of these are true, what are you? There are scientists just dying to know. 

Environmental sustainability is the most important issue of the twenty-first century, second only to where the Kardashians went shopping yesterday. In order to achieve environmental sustainability though, we each need to: 1. understand the issues, 2. change our attitudes, and 3. change our behaviors both at the  personal level and at the public and private sector level. But where to start?


Don’t be fooled by our culture. It takes its usual simplistic approach and portrays  environmental sustainability as the “Top 5 Easy Ways To Go Green!”. This approach assumes that after taking these five easy steps, you’re free to go about your life as usual without giving the earth another thought.  Well, if it were that simple and easy, I would be spending my time snoozing in my Lazy Boy, not tramping all over Mother Nature’s creation raising cain about how we’re destroying our home. And besides, are the same people who brought you the Top 10 Ways To Please Yourself the best qualified people to determine the fate of our planet?  


So, instead, I’ve boiled it all down to these 15 starting points where we each need to take action. Each one simply states the problem, its solutions, and where to go for more info. I’ve chewed it and pre-digested it, so all you have to do is gnosh with delight! I hate the word gnosh, but it was the first that came to mind.

So, start anywhere you like, and take small steps. Don’t try to take it all on at once, or you’ll suffer from “green bloat”. And believe me, nobody likes anything that is green and bloated. The only thing I want you overwhelmed with is the size of my hair. So relax, turn on some of my tunes, and have at it…TCE, babuh!

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