Here are some random reviews of me by people unlucky enough to be famous:

“Man, I thought I was piloting a UFO. But now the fog of confusion has finally lifted: I’ve been recycled, babuh!” – Elvis Presley

“It doesn’t matter if you love him or capital E-C-O E-L-V-I-S, just put your claw up, ‘cause Eco Elvis was born this way, babuh!” – Lady Gaga

“Eco Elvis is a living legend who will live long after most other living legends have died.” – Ron Nasty, The Rutles

“Baby, baby, baby oh, like baby, baby, baby no, like baby, baby, baby oh!” – Justin Bieber

“Eco Elvis’ volume goes to eleven, but his message goes to a bloody twelve! His exact inner structure is green! Rock ‘n’ roll!” – Nigel Tufnel, Spinal Tap

“He’s so crazy noisy, I can’t tell if Spring is silent or not. Rock on Eco E.!” – Rachel Carson

“He may not have invented the Internet, but what he is inventing is pure bad*** green!” – Al Gore

“Eco Elvis is a man who is sure all that glitters is green. I plead innocent of all charges.” – Tortelvis, Dread Zeppelin

Have you experienced the incomprehensibility of Eco Elvis, mostly alive and in person? Well, email me your review and I might post it.