What’s the problem, babuh?

Industrial agriculture and food waste wreak havoc on the environment and cause disease and death among humans, plants and animals.

What’s the solution, babuh?

  • Eat local – It’s fresh, travels significantly less “food miles”, and supports the local economy.
  • Eat organic – It doesn’t contain any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, tastes better, is not genetically modified and supports  biodiversity.
  • Eat in-season – Out of season food travels a lot more food miles than in-season.
  • Go vegetarian – It helps the environment, improves your health, and prevents the death and suffering of
    animals and workers.
  • Eat healthy portions – Eat only the amount of food your body needs to maintain itself and give you the energy you need.
  • Buy/take only what you need - Don’t buy a pallet of bagel bites at Costco or fill up your plate at the buffet to a level that will instigate the fire marshall.  

Where can I learn more, babuh?

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